Keep better track of your employees with Extend’s Absenteeism Call-In.

With our central third-party reporting absenteeism call-in line, we help manage the challenges of staff members calling in sick or late for a shift. With a line in place that is dedicated to your company, you can avoid chasing supervisors or managers as you will receive reports by email or text in real time. To ensure consistency, the dedicated call-in line is used by all employees in your company. Talk to us and we can customize the program to your needs.

Replacement Staff

If you are finding you are short-staffed on any given day, we will have a full employee directory and can perform callouts to staff members to come in as a replacement when needed. Let your supervisors or managers get back to what they need to do, and leave attendance up to us!

Custom Reports

Our technology can be used as a tool to produce daily, weekly, or monthly custom reports for your business. These reports allow you to spot important trends such as who is recently absent, reasons why staff are late or absent, and days staff are most commonly absent.

Security and Accountability

At Extend, we record all of the calls and we provide verification numbers so that all calls and reports are kept confidential. Only those who are given permission will be able to access these files. Our Absenteeism Call-in Line prevents the arguments and grievances about who called when, what was said, or who someone couldn’t get a hold of.

Make your job easier with our Absenteeism Call-In Line!

Our central third-party reporting absenteeism call-in line helps manage the challenges of staff members calling in sick or late and how to replace them.

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