After-hours answering services for medical offices: Enhancing Patient Care

Published On: November 30, 2023

Patients don’t adhere to a 9-to-5 schedule when seeking medical attention, and the ability of a healthcare provider to extend their accessibility beyond regular office hours can make all the difference.  
We offer a range of afterhours answering services for medical offices across the home care, medical, and funeral home industries. We help with routine tasks in a variety of practices and clinics by managing home care cell centre tasks such as appointment bookings, sending appointment reminders, and handling other daily messaging. 


When your customer needs help after hours, here’s what we can do: 

Afterhours Answering Services for Medical Offices. 

We offer 24/7 afterhours answering services for medical offices. Our trained professionals ensure each caller’s concerns are addressed and messages are promptly forwarded to the right point of contact within your office. Our aim is to enhance patient experience and contribute to seamless healthcare practice operation. 

Afterhours Answering Services for Physicians 

Our afterhours answering services for physicians provide a crucial lifeline for medical professionals and their patients outside regular office hours. Our unique services ensure that physicians remain accessible 24/7, offering a seamless continuity of care. Whether it’s a late-night emergency or a patient seeking advice after regular business hours, our dedicated answering services and professionals guarantee a prompt and professional response. 

Appointment Booking 

Our services are designed to support healthcare practices and clinics in managing their day-to-day operations. We help with a wide range of routine tasks, including appointment scheduling, reminders, and other types of daily messaging. By taking care of these tasks, we help healthcare professionals focus on providing the best possible care to their patients. 


Upon receiving a call, our team of highly trained professionals will promptly assess and evaluate the situation to determine whether it necessitates an immediate dispatch or if it can be attended to during the next business day. 

Coordination of On-Call Workers 

Our team ensures seamless coordination of on-call staff, leaving no room for missed visits or disruptions in essential services. We excel in managing diverse challenges like on call after hours answering services for medical offices, rescheduling home care workers, arranging timely replacements for oxygen concentrators, and handling urgent medical situations. On-call rotations can be scheduled through our user-friendly online portal, which updates in real-time for a responsive system tailored to your needs.  

Work Alone & Safety Check In 

Keep your employees safe by virtually always being with them. We provide a range of automated systems that assist in monitoring employees who work alone (like PSW’s, telemedicine professionals, and home care nurses). Our home care call centre systems can be customized to include direct involvement from our staff to verify missing check-ins or to coordinate with emergency personnel if required. Contact us to create a program tailored to your specific needs. 


Specialized Afterhours Answering Services for Medical Offices 

In an industry where every call holds the potential to impact lives, medical after-hours answering services are an invaluable tool. Afterhours answering services play a pivotal role in ensuring continuous accessibility and responsiveness, especially in the following industries: 

Home Care Healthcare 

Health Units Medical Equipment 

Midwives Funeral Homes 

Chiropractic Dental 

Crematoriums Support Groups 

Seniors Services  

Your Partners in 24/7 Answering Services 

Located in Ontario, we specialize in offering inbound call centre, telephone answering, and emergency dispatch services to our clients in Ontario, Canada, and the USA. We use our technology expertise to handle your calls quickly, professionally and efficiently – your clients won’t even know we’re not in your offices!

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