Call Answer Service? Do People Still Use That??

Operations Centre:  Now…and Then

extend5 60s switchboard

I was recently at a trade show and there was a customer that came up and commented, “Call answer service?? Do people still use that?” I thought this was an interesting comment. From my perspective, the response was “Yes, now more than ever before!” As the technology has evolved, so too has the service. I went on to explain that now we can handle emails, tweet on their behalf, not to mention the efficiencies we now gain with being able to email or text messages to multiple people, not just have to phone a message to someone. We can even incorporate databases to be able to have customer information on hand or contract status. We can program emails to be automatically “read” and then dispatched accordingly. A call answer service is so flexible and customizable to your specific needs! This is aside from the value of having a live person answer the phone. In our days of IVR and multiple selections to make, how wonderful is it to be assured that your request has not gone into the digital wasteland. Yes, Virginia, there is still call answer service.