Call Centre for Utilities companiesYOUR company provides services to business and residential accounts around the clock. OUR phone answering service supports your 24/7 customer service initiatives by stepping in to assist after hours, weekends, holidays, even during daytime on-demand situations involving a simple staff meeting, or a widespread disaster situation.

24/7 Call Centre Solutions for Your Business:

  • Assisting your clients to define an “emergency”, and involving your on-call personnel only if truly required.
  • Verifying loss-of-service calls against non-payment lists, and even processing payments if that is part of your protocol for after-hours service.
  • Emergency call dispatch via text/sms, email, phone call, etc.
  • Electronic call acceptance capabilities for efficiency, reporting, and great costs savings. (no billable time).
  • “Man-out” tracking to ensure safety of dispatched workers at all times.
  • Integration with most CRM systems and databases to eliminate manual entry of call records in your system.
  • Digital recording of all calls
  • Reporting in formats suitable for forwarding to municipal/provincial/national oversight bodies as needed.

On-call rotations can be set in advance via an on-line portal. Changes/updates made online are real-time changes in our operations centre.

For large-scale issues and/or at other times YOU determine, our exclusive E-POST app can allow us to update your social media streams such as Twitter and Facebook to keep followers informed.