How to Find a Telephone Answering Service in Canada


A number of organizations do their call answering in-house with the customer care department usually taking the responsibility of handling calls. This is a great way of handling calls and can be very effective especially for small businesses. However, you’ll need a professional and hardworking group, and it’s never easy getting both qualities in one team. (more…)

Telephone Tuesday

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Spending more time on hold? Blame ‘Telephone Tuesday’

Do you have a list of phone calls to make on Tuesday? You’re not alone — telephone calls to businesses are expected to peak in Canada on the day following Labour Day, according to research from the advertising analytics firm Marchex. In the tradition of Black Friday and Cyber Monday, they’ve dubbed it Telephone Tuesday. “We… (more…)

The Advantages of Having After-Hours Customer Service Support



Standard business hours may be from 9-5, but for customer oriented businesses, these times mean very little. These industries have a strong focus on client satisfaction, and having after-hours customer service support available is a great way to provide customers the service they appreciate and will continue using for a long time. (more…)

Call Answer Service? Do People Still Use That??

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Operations Centre:  Now…and Then

extend5 60s switchboard

I was recently at a trade show and there was a customer that came up and commented, “Call answer service?? Do people still use that?” I thought this was an interesting comment. From my perspective, the response was “Yes, now more than ever before!” (more…)