Wireless access to MLS database introduced to real estate market

Posted September 5, 2002 in News

An agreement between Extend Communications Inc. and the Brantford Regional Real Estate Association has given local real estate agents a hot new tool to assist them in selling homes. Agents of the local Board now have wireless access to Brantford and Brant County MLS listings through a two-way pager that allows access to listing information in the database. All new listings are also broadcast to the devices each day.

“I’m always on the go, and being able to lookup listings on the run is a huge advantage for me”, said Todd Stones, an agent with Avery Real Estate and one of the first to adopt the new technology.

“We are one of the first to implement this service for our members”, said BRREA President Kathy Smith. “There are only a handful of Boards across Canada who are as advanced as we are here in Brantford.”, Smith added.

Users of the system can key in the address or MLS number of any residential MLS listing in Brant/Brantford to access information on price, number of bedrooms, bathrooms, listing agent, etc. from anywhere in the coverage area. In addition, users can opt to have all new listings and price information sent to the pager on a daily basis. Coverage can be programmed as national or even international for those agents who need access to information from out of province or even out of country. In addition to being able to receive listing updates, the new pagers also function as an email device, and a regular pager.

Unlike larger Boards who made significant capital investments to implement a wireless solution, BRREA convinced Extend to develop a system in-house and to provide it to local agents for free. “We are very excited to have been able to develop this system for members of the local real estate association. It was a natural fit for us, and it’s a great service enhancement for local agents dealing with the strong housing market here in Brantford”, said Extend President Scott Lyons.

Kitchener and Cambridge locations merge

Posted July 9, 2002 in News

Today Extend completed the merger of its Kitchener and Cambridge offices. The combined operation now offers more efficient call handling, the advantages of a larger pool of staff, and new equipment.

New services now available to all accounts include:

  • Message delivery by email.
  • Automated ‘check-in’ services for faster and easier retrieval of messages.
  • Improved fax message delivery.
  • Additional ‘on-line’ message storage.
  • Enhanced voice mail offerings.
  • Power backup by a natural gas generator.

“We were pleased to be able to make several improvements to our client services as a direct result of this merger.”, said Todd Lyons, Vice President, and Manager of the Cambridge Operations Centre. “This allows us to provide additional services, and to stay competitive with the latest in technology.”

Fax-to-Email service launched

Posted May 13, 2002 in News

The latest service offering from Extend Communications Inc. is their fax-to-email service. This service allows all users to have their own individual fax numbers (Brantford exchange), and have faxed documents automatically received as am email attachment. Attachments are in Adobe Acrobat Reader format (*.pdf) which is a free image viewer commonly used for email attachments. The service is expected to save users hundreds of dollars in fax costs such as dedicated fax lines, toner, and etc. as well as improve privacy issues.

Extend Receives Award of Distinction

Posted December 3, 2001 in News

Extend Communications was awarded the prestigious Call Centre Award of Distinction by the Canadian Call Management Association (CAM-X) at a national conference held last week in British Columbia. Over a year in its’ development, the Call Centre Award of Distinction program released in June 2001, was created in response to overwhelming requests by Call Centres across Canada for a tool which could be used to measure the skills of the professional Call Centre Agents.

After four months of testing, an independent panel of judges scored call-handling skills for enhanced service applications, focussing attention on customer relationship management (CRM), courtesy, etiquette, and the use of proper cal techniques, as well as response time and accuracy, the cornerstones of the Call Management industry.

Wireless Email Coverage Expands to include United States

Posted October 22, 2001 in News

Two-way paging and wireless email service launched earlier this year has now been expanded to included coverage across the U.S. Now users of the Motorola T900 and 935 wireless email devices can roam to most major centres across North America with full coverage.

Wireless Email Service Offering Launched

Posted May 14, 2001 in News

Extend Communications announced the addition of two-way paging services today, including an application offering users to send and receive email from their pager. Two-way pagers permit users to receive their regular email wirelessly on their pager as well as originate and rely to emails from most urban centres across Canada. Two-way pagers also function as regular one-way pagers when outside of the urban areas, a significant advantage over other wireless data products. The addition of coverage across the United States is expected by Q4 this year.