Extend Receives Award of Distinction

Posted December 3, 2001 in News

Extend Communications was awarded the prestigious Call Centre Award of Distinction by the Canadian Call Management Association (CAM-X) at a national conference held last week in British Columbia. Over a year in its’ development, the Call Centre Award of Distinction program released in June 2001, was created in response to overwhelming requests by Call Centres across Canada for a tool which could be used to measure the skills of the professional Call Centre Agents.

After four months of testing, an independent panel of judges scored call-handling skills for enhanced service applications, focussing attention on customer relationship management (CRM), courtesy, etiquette, and the use of proper cal techniques, as well as response time and accuracy, the cornerstones of the Call Management industry.

Wireless Email Coverage Expands to include United States

Posted October 22, 2001 in News

Two-way paging and wireless email service launched earlier this year has now been expanded to included coverage across the U.S. Now users of the Motorola T900 and 935 wireless email devices can roam to most major centres across North America with full coverage.

Wireless Email Service Offering Launched

Posted May 14, 2001 in News

Extend Communications announced the addition of two-way paging services today, including an application offering users to send and receive email from their pager. Two-way pagers permit users to receive their regular email wirelessly on their pager as well as originate and rely to emails from most urban centres across Canada. Two-way pagers also function as regular one-way pagers when outside of the urban areas, a significant advantage over other wireless data products. The addition of coverage across the United States is expected by Q4 this year.

Payment Options Enhanced

Posted May 7, 2001 in News

Extend now offers a wider selection of on-line payment options for U.S. and international clients. Options now include the acceptance of DISCOVER cards, as well as on-line VISA and MASTERCARD secure transactions in U.S. dollars. This augments the Canadian on-line banking payment options which were implemented early last year. For more information visit http://www.extendcomm.com/1pages/loc/loc-bank.html or email info@extendcomm.com

Extend launches Internet “Call Me” in Beta Test

Posted November 13, 2000 in News

Extend Communications announced it’s intention to provide full World Wide Web integration today, with the launch of it’s CALL ME service. With the addition of a CALL ME button on a user’s web site, Extend call center agent’s can immediately connect with web surfers by either a PSTN telephone call, or soon a VoIP (Voice Over IP/Internet) connection. User’s clicking on the button are asked to enter a call back number, and indicate whether they would like to be contacted immediately, or within a certain number of minutes (in the event the voice call will be received on the same line currently being used to access the internet). Full commercial release of this feature, along with VoIP, and text chat options is expected in the coming months.

Extend Receives Award of Excellence from Canadian Association of Message Exchanges

Posted October 2, 2000 in News

Extend Communications has been honored with the exclusive 2000 Award of Excellence by the Canadian Association of Message Exchanges, Inc. (CAM-X), the industry’s trade association for providers of telecommunications services in the call center services including telephone answering and message delivery.

The award follows more than six months of testing by a team of independent, specialized judges contracted by CAM-X to evaluate message services across the country. Companies were judged on their courtesy, response time, accuracy and overall service to their clients; the four cornerstones paramount to success in the Teleservices Industry.

“Extend’s record of topnotch customer service serves as a benchmark for all message service bureaus”, said CAM-X President Glenn Ruecker. “In an industry that relies on person-to-person communications, the value of efficient, accurate service cannot be underestimated. This award proves Extend’s ability to deliver where it counts, in providing the services that matter most.”

Extend has earned the BRONZE Award for TWO consecutive years of excellent service. CAM-X extends it’s congratulations to the staff of Extend Communications on their proven quality service to their customers.