Elevator Answering & Video Monitoring

24/7 Seamless Call Answering Services for Elevator Service Providers

In the dynamic world of elevator services, missed calls can lead to disruptions, delays, and in the worst case, trapped passengers. Our dedicated services for elevator companies ensure that every call is promptly answered, whether it is a call to your service line, or a direct entrapment call via voice or video. We manage communications from clients, building tenants, or even between technicians. Don’t let missed calls impact your business; let Extend be the reliable extension of your team.

Perfect For:

  • Building Managers
  • Elevator Service Providers
  • Independent Elevator Owners

Here’s what we can do for you:

  • Assess the urgency of the caller’s issue based on your criteria, prioritizing the call according to the level of urgency.
  • Allow technician to confirm receipt/acceptance of call electronically. (no billable time)
  • Advise callers of additional information, timelines, and supports.
  • Dispatch the call directly to emergency services or the appropriate subcontractor.
  • Once a call is dispatched, an email message with the caller’s details and the dispatch history will be sent, helping you keep track of the calls and ensure that the issue is resolved.

Let’s Talk

From promptly addressing service inquiries and scheduling maintenance appointments to handling emergency dispatches, we ensure that every call is managed with precision and professionalism. Our dedicated team is ready to tailor our services to meet your unique needs.