Property Management

Keep Connected 24/7 with Advanced Call Answering Solutions

Save your property managers precious time handling emergencies. Achieve seamless communication with our tailored call-answering solutions for property management professionals.

Perfect For:

  • Property Managers

  • Highrise + multi-residences
  • Corporate and Co-ops

  • Rental Coordinators

Here’s what we can do for you:

  • Triage: We assess the urgency of the caller’s issue based on your criteria, prioritizing the call according to the level of urgency.

  • Advise: If the caller inquiries about extra charges for any services provided to the tenant, we will inform them about the details and clarify any doubts they may have.

  • Dispatch: We dispatch the call directly to the appropriate subcontractor that you have on contract. This will help to resolve the issue quickly and efficiently.

  • Confirm: Once a call is dispatched, an email message with the caller’s details and the dispatch history will be sent, helping you keep track of the calls and ensure that the issue is resolved.

  • Prioritize: If the caller has a non-urgent issue, we send the message to the office staff for follow-up on the next business day.

Let’s Talk

We are the go-to service for property management companies, and handle 24/7 or after-hours calls from tenants with building issues. Call us today for more information, or to create a personalized approach to phone answering services for your business.