Small Office/Home Office

Call Centre for Small OfficeThere are many unique challenges in running a small office or an office out of your home. You need to be able to present a professional image to your clients and potential clients, but may not have the resources to hire someone to answer phone calls.

Call Centre Solutions for Small Businesses

  • Have a family member answer the phone – Can be fine if someone is ALWAYS there, but even a stay-at-home spouse has things to attend to outside the home. A teenager could answer, but might not be able to provide the professional image you’d like.
  • Use voice mail – Assuming that your callers are not looking for an immediate response to their call, voice mail can sometimes be affective. It is BEST implemented however, with a “press 0 for a live person” option (see below).
  • Forward calls to a cell phone – Allows quick response to each caller – BUT – seriously interrupts the work that you are doing, or the conversations you are having with other customers.

Enter Extend – Extend provides a flexible service that works to improve any of the above alternatives, or as a stand-alone solution. Handle as many calls yourself as you are able, and just transfer the phone line to us when you (or your family members) are not able to answer them. With our call center solutions you can use our voicemail solution that will email you a .wav file of the message, and can also offer the caller the option of “Press 0” to speak with someone who could personally handle their request. If your business receives calls evenings or weekends, we can help you with those too with our home business call centre services.

The possibilities are endless, and since we’ve done it a time or 2, ask us for a no-obligation analysis of how Extend can help, and what it would cost. The more you do yourself, the more cost effective a solution can be.