Social Responsibility Philosophy



We are passionate about our people and our communities. We support local causes, organizations and the environment with integrity and dedication, moving them from challenge to triumph.

At Extend Communications, we are socially responsible by prioritizing:

  • Always doing what’s right ethically, legally and environmentally
  • Alignment with our Core Values of Integrity, Innovation, Initiative and Individuals
  • Causes and organizations that our people and our clients are enthusiastic about
  • Environmental responsibility and sustainable living
  • Health and wellness initiatives within our culture
  • The most strategic use of our time, services, and financial resources

All of us at Extend join our Black and Indigenous friends, and people of all races, in condemning the violence and racism affecting their everyday life. It is intolerable that people around us continue to live in fear and inequality, victims of discrimination and injustice. We, at Extend, are committed to listening, learning and growing our understanding to support meaningful and lasting change.

Click below to view the most recent edition of our Annual Social Responsibility Report.
2020 Social Responsibility Report
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