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Industries We Service with our Inbound Call Centre Solutions

With over 60 years of experience, there are few industries we haven’t serviced.

Here are a few we offer call centre support to:

  • SOHO – Small Office / Home Office
  • SERVICE COMPANIES – HVAC, electrical, plumbing, refrigeration, transportation/roadside assistance, tire service, security and guard company, staffing agency, restoration, pest control, elevators
  • REAL ESTATE– Commercial/Residential Brokerage, Property Management, Mortgage Company, Moving Company, Law Office
  • GOVERNMENTS & MUNICIPALITIES– Regulatory, City Services, Housing
  • UTILITIES – hydro/power, gas, cable company, insurance
  • MEDICAL/DENTAL SECTORS – home care, healthcare, health units, medical equipment, midwives, funeral homes, chiropractic, dental, crematoriums, support groups, seniors services
  • PROTRADENET – Extend is a preferred supplier for the ProTradeNet buying group.
  • PROPERTY MANAGEMENT – High Rise, Multi Residential, Homes, Corporate and Co operatives, servicing large and small Property Management companies.