Telephone Answering Services for Real Estate & Law

Telephone Answering Services for Real Estate & Law

In the real estate and mortgage industries, missing a call can mean missing a sale, that’s why it’s important to ensure a courteous and prompt answering service is available to take your calls 24/7. We handle calls for real estate agents, commercial and residential brokerages, property management companies, mortgage companies, moving companies and law offices.  

Perfect for:  

  • Real Estate Agents 
  • Commercial Brokers 
  • Residential Brokers 
  • Mortgage Companies  
  • Law Offices  

Here’s what we can do for you 

Telephone Answering & Dispatch 

Our system utilizes a “duty agent” to assist callers who may not know which specific agent they wish to speak with. Duty agent information is entered and updated in advance through our online portal, ensuring a seamless process without incurring billable time. 

To enhance efficiency, we can receive a file download from your Quick Office Commander (QOC) software, providing us with a comprehensive list of agent names and listings. This proactive approach helps guarantee that listing agents always receive their calls. Additionally, if your brokerage has multiple locations, we have the capability to send messages to any agent from any office, eliminating the inconvenience of the “he/she doesn’t work in this office” issue. 

Discover the power of seamless communication and unparalleled support for your real estate or law practice with our inbound call centre solutions. Our dedicated team is ready to tailor our services to meet the unique needs of your business. Call us today, your success starts with a conversation. 

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Information Collection 

Our service extends to collecting information tailored to your preferences and delivering it in the format of your choice—whether through email, text, fax, or phone call. Each individual agent has the flexibility to specify how their calls should be handled, whether via SMS, email, or both, and at no additional charge. 

Files containing all agent messages from the previous day are sent to your office each morning. Depending on your front desk software, these files can be downloaded to ensure that agents, upon login, can easily access and manage office messages and after-hours messages. 

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Pre-Qualifying for Mortgage Brokers and Lawyers 

We streamline processes by conducting pre-qualifications through phone or internet channels. Efficient handling of registrations for mortgage and legal seminars is a key aspect of our service. 

Our commitment to prompt communication is evident in our overnight phone coverage, ensuring that potential clients are attended to promptly. This responsiveness extends to facilitating client engagement, providing seamless interactions, and eliminating the risk of missing potential clients by maintaining constant availability. 

Your Partners in 24/7 Answering Services  

Located in Ontario, we specialize in offering inbound call centre, telephone answering, and pre-qualifying services to our clients in Ontario, Canada, and the USA. We use our technology expertise to handle your calls quickly, professionally and efficiently – your clients won’t even know we’re not in your offices! Call Bonnie Edwards, Director of Sales at 800-265-9975 to get started!