Why Choose Extend?

Why Choose ExtendWhy should I choose Extend Communications to represent my business? There are lots of different companies you can hire to answer your telephone calls or emails, and we invite you to talk to them and then come to visit us.  If you are looking for the best solution and VALUE for your business, then you definitely WILL find it here.

We are looking to build long term relationships with clients who are just like us:

Integrity – Open, honest, and transparent with each other, our clients, and our community.
Innovation – Ideas drive our creative solutions.
Individuals – Our strength is our people.
Initiative – Think it, say it, do it!

What else you should know

  • With literally hundreds and hundreds of clients across many different industries, chances are we have experience in handling calls for companies similar to yours. We can tell you what works, what doesn’t work, and why.
  • We will use our expertise in technology to design a service package for you that is more EFFICIENT than any other. This means calls are handled more quickly, more professionally, and result in a shorter average call length; meaning less billed time.
  • As a mid-sized, privately (family) held answering company; Extend’s owners are actively involved in the business, and lead an organization that has the capacity and expertise to compete internationally. Small enough to care, large enough to handle the job.
  • We have won many different awards for – our Technology, our People, our Service, and our Ethics. Leaders on our team are asked to speak at industry conferences; they take leadership roles in local organizations; they are go-getters.

Once you visit our state-of-the-art facility, we dare you to compare it to anything else. It’s worth the flight, the drive, or the walk. After all, our image becomes your image when we answer your phone.

Come see us. We REALLY know what we’re doing. Really.

We poll our new clients about why they have contacted us. They may be a new business, or offering a new service, or currently with another Company and looking to make a change. For those who had an existing relationship  with another Company, these are the top 3 reasons they are looking to change:

1. Ring times/hold times
2. Accuracy
3. Rudeness

Generally speaking, under staffing causes #1, and leads to staff burnout/turnover, which leads to numbers 2 and 3.

This is how Extend outperforms

Ring Times / Hold Times
The first thing any telephone answering call centre needs to do, is make sure they have enough people answering phone calls. Often a centre manager will simply schedule the same number of people each day, and hope for the best, fine tuning as they go along.

At Extend, we utilize call forecasting software to predict call volumes for each 15 minute interval, of each hour, of each day, every day. Forecasts are based on a sophisticated algorithm that weights historical call patterns from similar days, and are often accurate to within 1-2%.

Even given the above, often changes in weather patterns, storms, or other client specific issues can affect the number of calls coming into our centre. Fortunately, Extend has built a solid core of staff who work from home, and are able to “jump on” quickly to assist with adverse call volumes. In addition, staff are bonused to accept last minute shifts, and all supervisors are also able to handle calls from their homes if needed.

If you are concerned about emergency preparedness, check out our Disaster/Contingency/Planning page. Better yet, come and see our backups for our backups, including our “spare” call centre.