Wireless access to MLS database introduced to real estate market

An agreement between Extend Communications Inc. and the Brantford Regional Real Estate Association has given local real estate agents a hot new tool to assist them in selling homes. Agents of the local Board now have wireless access to Brantford and Brant County MLS listings through a two-way pager that allows access to listing information in the database. All new listings are also broadcast to the devices each day.

“I’m always on the go, and being able to lookup listings on the run is a huge advantage for me”, said Todd Stones, an agent with Avery Real Estate and one of the first to adopt the new technology.

“We are one of the first to implement this service for our members”, said BRREA President Kathy Smith. “There are only a handful of Boards across Canada who are as advanced as we are here in Brantford.”, Smith added.

Users of the system can key in the address or MLS number of any residential MLS listing in Brant/Brantford to access information on price, number of bedrooms, bathrooms, listing agent, etc. from anywhere in the coverage area. In addition, users can opt to have all new listings and price information sent to the pager on a daily basis. Coverage can be programmed as national or even international for those agents who need access to information from out of province or even out of country. In addition to being able to receive listing updates, the new pagers also function as an email device, and a regular pager.

Unlike larger Boards who made significant capital investments to implement a wireless solution, BRREA convinced Extend to develop a system in-house and to provide it to local agents for free. “We are very excited to have been able to develop this system for members of the local real estate association. It was a natural fit for us, and it’s a great service enhancement for local agents dealing with the strong housing market here in Brantford”, said Extend President Scott Lyons.