Real Estate & Law

Inbound Call Center for Real Estate

Inbound Call Centre Solutions for Real Estate

In the real estate and mortgage industries, missing a call can mean missing a sale, that’s why it’s important to ensure a courteous and prompt answering service is available to take your calls 24/7. We handle calls for real estate agents, commercial and residential brokerages, property management companies, mortgage companies, moving companies and law offices. Here are just a few highlights of what we can do for your business.

Real Estate Agents, Commercial and Residential Brokerages

Telephone Answering & Dispatch

Extend Communications offers a variety of programs and services to assist you with telephone call handling and messaging. – If you use a “duty agent” for times when a caller does not know what agent he/she would like to speak with, duty agent information is entered and updated in advance in our on-line portal. No billable time!

  • We can receive a file download from your QOC (Quick Office Commander) software so that we have all agent names and listings. This helps to ensure sure listing agents always get their calls.
  • If your brokerage has more than one location, we can send messages to any agent from any office, eliminating the “I’m sorry, he/she doesn’t work in this office” problem.

Information Collection

We collect the information you need and send it to you in the format that best suits you: email, text, fax or phone call.

  • EVERY individual agent can specify how their calls should be handled. Some like to have a text message sent, some like an email, some like BOTH. No problem, and no charge.
  • We will send a file to your office each morning containing all agent messages from the previous day. Depending on your front desk software, this can be downloaded such that when agents log in they will see messages handled by the office messages AND after hours messages.

Mortgage Companies & Law Offices

Enhanced Call Centre Services

Beyond just taking messages for mortgage brokers and lawyers, we now often handle registrations for mortgage/legal seminars, and even do pre-qualifying via the phone or internet. Don’t miss the opportunity to gain new clients by leaving your phones or voicemail overnight, we help you build business! If no one calls, it doesn’t cost!